Key Questions to Ask an Animal Chiropractor


The health of your pet will be one of your primary concerns and if your pet is suffering from musculoskeletal issues, animal chiropractic care can be very beneficial to them. You can discuss taking your pet to an animal chiropractor with your pet’s veterinarian so that you will be able to get their recommendations as well.

Ask the Melbourne animal chiropractor about their qualifications. An animal chiropractor should undergo specialised training and certification in animal chiropractic care. You can check this by going to their official website. There are also certain professional associations they will be affiliated with that will give you an idea of their reputation. Ask about their experience with animals. Maybe they specialise in a few animal species or have experience with a variety of animal species. You need to check whether they are experienced with the species of your pet so that they are able to understand their chiropractic needs in-depth. Check what types of techniques and methods are used by the animal chiropractor when it comes to treating musculoskeletal issues. Some of the techniques used are spinal manipulation and soft tissue techniques. It is best to ask them to explain their approach so that you have an understanding about the process.

Ask the animal chiropractor about the conditions they treat.

For example, they will treat specific issues such as lameness, movement limitations and back pain. You need to choose an animal chiropractor whose expertise will align with the specific needs of your pet. There are many ways to assess the condition of the pet and you can ask the animal chiropractor about how they do this. In addition to a thorough physical examination, they will analyse the gait of the animal. Carry out diagnostic tests and palpate the spine and joints. Ask them to explain their assessment process so that you have a better idea of what to expect. Ask about the safety measures they take in order to prevent injury to the animal and making them comfortable during the session. There has to be a calm environment so that your pet will not be stressed. Ask whether the animal chiropractor works with veterinarians as this collaboration can be very beneficial. By having veterinary oversight, you can ensure that the chiropractic care provided aligns with the overall healthcare plan for your pet. If there are any contradictions, these can be identified.

There may be follow-up sessions required

So you need to ask the animal chiropractor about the number of sessions required to address the specific condition of your pet. Ask them to provide a clear treatment plan and explain how maintenance care can be carried out. You can also ask them to provide you with references so that you can speak to their previous or current clients. This will give you an insight into the animal chiropractor’s work from the perspective of the clients. Make sure to check online reviews and testimonials as well. Ask whether they have malpractice insurance as this will provide protection if there is an unexpected issue during treatment

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