The Finer Details of Signage Positioning

Spending money on signage is only worthwhile if you have a plan on displaying it and know where to put it. Customers will normally spend between 3.5 and 5 seconds viewing a sign, thus it is crucial to make sure that your message is well communicated in this little amount of time. Develop a placement plan that is both eye-catching and informative for your consumers to better sell your product.

Consider Whom You Are Addressing- Consider the audience that you wish to target as well as the location in which they will be found. Consider putting it in a heavily used hallway, for instance, if your intended audience is students. If you want to make sure that people see any updates that you post throughout the workplace, put them in the foyer so that they can be seen when people are entering and departing. Placing signage in a location where people are required to stop what they are doing and wait is a good idea in general. Find a spot that bridges the gap between the positioning of your sign and the function it is meant to serve. If you want to promote your business well into the future, make sure to look into corflute Brisbane

Zones with Heavy Foot Traffic- Put yourself in the shoes of a visitor and become particularly familiar with the layout of the building by pretending you are a customer. Be alert for places that get a lot of foot activity. Find the areas where individuals spend the most time and where they tend to congregate. For instance, if your audience consists of people who frequently use public transportation, you may want to learn their route and then display the advertisement in the corridor where they go so that it is visible to them.

Placement Suggestions: Placements on the corners (entry and exit), areas with a minimum of clutter to facilitate clear viewing opportunities. Take into account the typical viewing angle. Adjust the size of signage by their surroundings. Align the location of your signs with the message you want to convey. The zones in which your signage should be placed may be determined with the aid of an analysis of the behaviour of shoppers.

Proper Viewing Height- Position your signage at a height that will provide the greatest opportunity for engagement with the people passing by. Position your sign at eye level. This fluctuates based on the people who will be viewing your signs; thus, you should make an educated guess as to how many people will be viewing them and then install your signs in the most appropriate location.

Angles- Be aware of your perspective! For example, if your digital signage shows a static presentation that has to be viewed for a longer period, slant the display downward so that your viewers will have to look up a little bit. This will help them to view the content for longer. You may extend the amount of time people spend interacting with your interactive signage by tilting it higher.

Make Sure You Check Out Your Environment- Examine your immediate environment to identify the spaces that include the fewest amount of visually distracting elements. To prevent your audience from becoming overwhelmed, your sign should not be put in a location where there are too many objects competing for their attention, such as other signs. If you see some obstructing pillars or walls that might obscure your sign, you should look for a better spot in the surrounding area.

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