Best Venues for Birthday Parties

As we grow up out taste in birthday party themes too start to grow and change with us. So, when planning a party to an adult, you cannot rely on a Barbie themed party or a superhero party anymore – unless the person really loves it. Instead you have to go for parties that would excite a grown up. This means choosing a good venue that they would enjoy. Check out the following venue ideas to see where you van plan yours or your friend’s next birthday.

A Backyard Party

Upgrade the childhood house party to the next level with a backyard night party – now that you can stay up late. This could be a BBQ night, or a simple party arranged in the backyard of your house with some additional lights to help light up the venue.  Backyard party is a great option for those who likes their parties to be private and intimate between immediate family and friends.

Beach Party

A classic theme for a birthday party of an adult beach parties bring a vibe of fun and romance to the scene. For those of you who’ve always loved the sea breeze and strolls on sand, this is an ideal party. With a few beach games and swimming this can really light up the birthday party experience. If you want to take it to the next level, hire a boat from an agency that rents boats for parties and have a mini sea-adventure.

Parks/ Camp-Sites and Forests

If you can find a public place like this that allows you to throw a party there, or at least allows you to rent it for a night or a day, then this is a quit unique adventure for a birthday. If the birthday boy or the girl is someone who is a dreamer and loves the rustic theme party look, this is one of the best venues. The natural scenery like the beach, you don’t have to worry about the decorations at all.

Clubs/ Pubs and Bars

If you are planning the birthday for someone who is the life of the party, loves fun and enjoy crowds, then try a club or a bar night. Look for some pokies in Mildura and plan a small party with some of the closest friends. This would require next to no planning and would allow all the guests to have a good conversation and enjoy good company.

Libraries/ Museums/ Galleries

If the parry s for a geek who loves reading or visiting museums or galleries, then there is simply no better place. Plan a small party for them in one of these places. You can easily find some public libraries or galleries that would allow you to rent a hall inside the building for a one-day event. This is a good party for those who loves to spend time around their friends but also wants a simple and quiet party without a big fuss.

Instead of trying the same venue every year, you can bring a new look to your party by trying one of these themes.

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