Mountain Biking Tips for Beginners

If you’ve always wanted to conquer the mountains but have been skeptical about the dangers of it, now is the time to let them go. Life is too short to not take such a trip to witness the beauty of Mother Nature. Mountain biking needs proper training and the right equipment so here is a guide to beginners.

Don’t Be Nervous

In any mountain bike video, you get the impression that this sport is reserved for those who fuel energy drinks. But this is not true at all! Of course, the best cyclists are talented buffs, but for the common man, mountain biking can be just a lot of fun. 

I learned that in each network of trails, there is something for everyone; be it physical fitness, stress relief or simply a time to wander off alone so you can collect your thoughts. Mountain biking shouldn’t be stressful. Of course, it has its dangers but gathering the strength to face those challenges is what matters.

Trust The Bike And Bring A Repair Kit

You will be amazed at what a good quality bike can endure. When crossing obstacles and trail sections that require you to take a break, trust your bike. You will no doubt be impressed by the ease with which mountain bikes can ride on very rough terrain when you let them do the work.

Punctures and mechanical problems can occur at any time. There is nothing more demoralizing than walking back to the parking lot due to a puncture or a broken chain. So take the right tools and a pump with you. Simply taking a toolkit won’t help if you don’t know to use them. Hence, watch tutorials, do practicals and learn the necessary skills.

Rest As Much As Necessary

Even if you are the fittest person in town, you will still be in pain. Even if you are an experienced road cyclist, you will most probably get tired in about 30 minutes. So, expect your forearms to be tired from braking and your legs to be like ground meat after 5 minutes of pedaling. The solution is to take breaks. Maneuvering a bicycle when your arms are stiff is not only exhausting, it’s dangerous. Stretch, drink water, and give yourself time before embarking on another section.

Ride With A Friend

A friend or patient guide can make all the difference in keeping your enjoyment high and helping you in avoiding problems. Just make sure they are ready to slow down, wait for you and show you the way. Some Cycling tours Italy can get very exhausting and having someone to share it with is mentally soothing.

Don’t Play Pro

You may have driven on gravel roads or crossed parks, but that doesn’t make you a mountain biking pro. If you’re biking with a group of professionals, inform them that it is your first time. Do not take unnecessary risks just because the other bikers are doing so. They have better skills and experience that you don’t have.

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