Simple Measures to Save The Oceans

As every little kid can tell you, the ocean makes up for around 71% of earth, yet to be one of the most affected ecosystems in fault of humans. Regardless of how many billboards or info signs are displayed at the beach and all other places that draw attention, there are still many people who don’t care about making their contribution towards this worthy cause. However, instead of expecting the movement of a whole community, there are individual steps and measures that can be taken as one at a time. Here are some things that can be done on your end;

Demand for Plastic Free Products

Even if you decide to get food from outside, request to keep away from packing your food in plastic containers, straws, plastic cups, plastic cutlery or even a plastic bag. If certain stores fail to provide such an option, take your containers from home to get them your way. At an instance where you would go shopping, try to look for eco friendly childrens swimwear and biodegradable shopping bags that can come in handy.

Making small changes on an individual level would go a long way into saving the oceans from being dumped with any plastic products and waste. Choosing to keep away from plastic items on an individual level would expand towards the practice of your family, causing it to apply to more people.

Reduce the Carbon Footprint

Our actions are increasing the presence of carbon dioxide in the environment, causing the ocean to lose its natural beauties such as corals. There are things that can be done to prevent such things from happening, such as the reduction of the carbon footprint created at an individual level. Choose to take public transport or ride a bicycle to work instead of emitting smoke and other fumes into the environment, switch off lights and fans when not in use, close the taps safely once you are done using, watch out for what is flushed down etc.

Choose Sustainable Seafood

This includes the seafood that is available in abundance and not extinct or rare. Many restaurants offer seafood items of unique quality, but what needs to be thought in this process is that such fish are removed from the ecosystem due to activities of this sort, which can be unbalanced to the ocean species. Therefore, choose to consume seafood of common qualities or wildly grown species instead of those are rare and essential.

Support Ocean Causes

Given the incline towards saving the environment amongst a large portion of the world’s population, there are many movements and petitions carried out for the conservation of the ocean, ocean clean-ups, recycling events, reusable product promotions and many more. Being part of such acts would increase your contribution towards such glorious and satisfying actions.

Therefore, choose to make your contribution at least on an individual basis primarily and then expand slowly towards convincing your family and thereon to practicing safer practices which would conserve the environment instead of speeding the process of destruction.

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